Prolegomena To The Metaphysics Of Islam An Exposition Of The Fundamental Elements Of The Worldview Of Islam

This is very important book. No book of its kind, inprofundity as well as magnitude of scope and comprehensive grasp of modern intellectual challenges facing the contemporary Muslim World, has ever appeared in our century. The book deals with the fundamental question of the nature of "Worldview" according to the perspective of islam-a question that has never really been raised in our time. The book defines that the nature of the worldview of islam is not merely the mind's view of the physical world and of man's historical, social,political and cultural involvement in it,as has been misunderstood in the minds of secular, contemporary Muslim scholars generally, and particularly those preoccupied in the social and political sciences.

The fundamental elements of the worldview of islam, together with the key terms and concepts that they unfold, are elaborated in detail in this book. These have a profound bearing upon the Muslim's ideas about "change","development" and "progress".